Merge your videos easily

Create zappings with your best sequences in just a few clicks.
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Stage your best sequences in a video

To generate an audience on social networks during a live event or from a video rush, you can publish short, highly viral videos of the best moments, but also combine the videos of these best moments into a single video to make a summary. A perfect complement to short videos, it will extend the resonance of your live event or the subject you wish to communicate on. Yuzzit provides you with an easy-to-use tool to create this summary in just a few clicks.

Adjust the length of each sequence

Each video added to your edit can be trimmed or shortened to the nearest frame, so that you keep only the essential elements of the sequence and control the overall length of your edit. A counter displays the duration of each video and the total length.
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Other functions

Easily organize the order of your videos

Click on the video of your choice and drag it onto the timeline of the editing tool to position it wherever you like, among the other videos in your montage. That's how easy it is to build a story, a summary of a show or a live show.

Optimize the quality of the final video

The videos you're going to use in your montage may be from different sources and of different quality, making the final result inconsistent in the eyes of your audience. We've found the solution by re-encoding all the videos to the best or worst quality, depending on your choice. As a result, your entire montage will be of consistent quality throughout, making playback smoother and easier. The quality of your montages plays an important role with Internet users.

Apply transition effects

At the beginning and end of your edit, as well as between each sequence, you can apply a transition effect or add a 2 or 3 second credit, depending on your graphic charter or desired result. You can also add credits at the beginning and end of your montage. These credits can be advertisements for your partners and sponsors. Once the montage has been generated, all these elements become an integral part of your video, regardless of the platform on which you publish.

The ultimate tool for staging live highlights

The Mashup function lets you reuse the best moments of a replay or a video to tailor its consumption to the tastes of your audience, now accustomed to consuming short-form content rather than replay.

Merge your videos to create trailers

The Mashup function lets you select the most intriguing and captivating moments from your videos, ideal for creating compelling trailers. By merging these key moments, you build anticipation in your target audience, encouraging more people to engage with your upcoming content.

Merge your videos to present your products

When presenting a product, the Mashup function lets you highlight key features and benefits by selecting the most relevant footage. By merging these extracts, you create a concise, engaging demonstration that clearly shows potential customers what your product can offer.

Merge your videos for social networking

By using the Mashup function to create short, captivating videos from your longer content, you can capture the attention of your audience on social media platforms. Short videos are often better suited to online consumption habits, which can lead to higher engagement in the form of likes and comments.

Moreover, short videos are more likely to be shared on social networks. By merging your videos to create punchy clips, you make it easier for your viewers to share, which can increase the visibility of your content and expand your organic reach.

How do you merge your videos online?

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Frequently asked questions

How do you merge videos to make a zapping?

With Yuzzit's video editor, you drag all the videos you want onto a timeline, move them around, shorten them and generate a video of the result in just one click.

Is there a limit to the file size or number of videos I can merge at the same time?

Add as many videos as you like! Yuzzit doesn't limit the size of the final file or the number of videos you plan to merge.

Will the quality of my videos be affected after the merger?

Yuzzit preserves the quality of imported videos even after they have been merged. However, you can switch all your videos to best or worst quality, so that your montage has a consistent quality throughout the video, making playback smoother.

Can videos of different qualities be merged?

Yuzzit's video editor lets you select the encoding quality of the different sequences that make up your montage, to standardize the final rendering. You can align the whole to the best or lowest quality of your clips.

Is the video fusion tool compatible with all devices and operating systems?

Our software works online and supports Chromium, so it can run on Chrome and Edge, for example.

Can I manage the total duration of my video editing?

With frame-by-frame precision, you can control the total duration of each clip that makes up your montage.

Can I put transitions between each video?

A transition between two video sequences can be a 2 or 3 second credit or an effect from a list. You can also add a transition effect at the beginning and end of your edit.

Can I merge videos for commercial purposes without copyright problems?

The question of copyright when merging videos for commercial purposes depends on several factors: the elements contained in the original videos, the copyright laws in your country, the licenses and permissions you have obtained, and the way you use the content. If you are the owner of all the videos you wish to merge, you can use your final video without any worries.