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Audiotrim in live

Boost your audience in real time: clip and share highlights from your live radio shows or podcast with Yuzzit!

Edit your audio content live for publication on all your platforms

Looking for a fast and efficient way to trim your audio files online? Look no further. At Yuzzit, we've developed a simple, intuitive video and audio editor that lets you trim your audio files in just a few clicks. Whether you're a radio station, a podcast or an audio professional, our online tool will save you time and precision in your projects.
And for even greater responsiveness, our software lets you cut audio live. Discover how our platform can help you transform your audio recordings smoothly and efficiently.

Isolate the most impactful sound bites

Sometimes it's necessary to highlight specific sound extracts in a recording. Whether for a radio show, podcast or professional presentation, our online audio clipping tool lets you isolate the most impactful parts of your audio file. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can select key moments, punchy dialogues, or a particular chronicle. You can then extract them and publish them directly to the social networks of your choice.
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Remove unwanted parts

With our online audio trimming tool, you can easily remove unwanted parts of your audio files. Whether you want to eliminate commercials, awkward silences or unnecessary background noise, our user-friendly interface lets you select and remove these segments in no time at all. You don't have to worry about complicated software or advanced technical skills. Just select your audio file, choose the parts you want to delete and delete them. It's that easy!

Assemble several sound tracks

Sometimes a single audio file isn't enough to complete your project. You need to combine several audio tracks to create a complete project, like a best-of. Our online audio trimming solution also lets you combine these tracks into a single file. You can import as many audio files as you need and arrange them however you like.

Export your audio in MP3 format

Once you've cut, edited and assembled your audio files, it's time to export them in the format of your choice. At Yuzzit, we offer you the possibility of exporting your audios in MP3 format, one of the most popular and widely supported formats, as well as MP4. Whether you want to share your podcast on online platforms, integrate sound extracts into your videos, or for any other purpose, the mp3 format is ideal.

Share your audio clips instantly

When you've finished cutting, editing, assembling and exporting your audio files, it's time to share them with your audience. Our platform lets you share your cut audio clips instantly. You can publish them on any social network of your choice.
Save time and simplify the sharing process with Yuzzit.

Less than 3 minutes to cut audio

Yuzzit offers you a complete and efficient solution for trimming your audio files online. Whether you want to trim your live audio, remove unwanted parts or share instantly, our tool is designed to meet all your audio processing needs, and do it fast. Try it now and discover how it can simplify your audio workflow. Trim your audio files online with precision and simplicity thanks to Yuzzit.
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How do I trim an audio line?

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Frequently asked questions

What is audio trimming?

Audio trimming consists of dividing a sound file into smaller segments, enabling unwanted parts to be removed, specific sound extracts to be extracted, or several audio tracks to be assembled.

Why choose Yuzzit to cut your audio files?

Choose Yuzzit to cut your audio files because of its simplicity, precision and speed. Our online platform also enables live trimming of your audio stream, giving you even greater responsiveness when publishing your audio content on different platforms.

Which audio file formats are supported?

Yuzzit supports a variety of audio file formats, including MP4 and MP3, ensuring compatibility for your audio projects.