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Add text to your videos

Capture your audience quickly and reinforce your message

Overlay text on your videos: share key information and grab attention

You have 3 seconds to grab the audience's attention with your video. You therefore need to show the interest of your content with the first images of your video, which you can reinforce with a title or keywords, right from the start and throughout your video using video editing. Adding text to a video has several other advantages, once you've captured your audience's interest. Indeed, text can be used to reinforce the message by highlighting key information, headings or important points throughout the video, enhancing overall understanding. It is also useful for guiding the viewer through the content, providing visual cues or calls to action. Finally, adding text can improve the video's SEO by enabling search engines to understand the content, thus increasing online visibility. In short, adding text to a video improves accessibility, comprehension, engagement and ranking in search results, making it an essential practice for many content creators.

Add text to your videos

Adding text to your videos with Yuzzit is child's play. Our video-editing platform lets you bring your content to life by integrating text simply and effectively. Customize your messages, titles and subtitles to captivate your audience and convey your message with precision. With Yuzzit, the art of adding text to your videos becomes an intuitive experience, allowing you to create striking, professional videos in no time.
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Add captions to your videos

Easily incorporate captions into your videos with Yuzzit for increased accessibility and enhanced engagement. Our intuitive tool lets you enhance the viewing experience, making your content understandable to a wider audience, and keeping viewers captivated, whatever their needs or environments. Add captions easily with Yuzzit for effective video communication.

Customize the style of your texts

Customize the style of your texts with Yuzzit to give your videos a unique and professional touch. Our video editing platform offers you a wide range of customization options, from fonts and colors to background effects. Express your creativity and make sure your messages stand out visually. With Yuzzit, the art of customizing the style of your texts becomes simple, allowing you to create memorable videos that will captivate your audience.

Upload your video in the file format of your choice

With Yuzzit, you can add text to a video in any format, and upload your video in the file format that suits you best. Our platform offers total flexibility to customize your video content to meet your specific needs, whether in 16:9, 1:1, 9:16 or 4:5. Transform your videos in the blink of an eye with Yuzzit, where creativity and practicality go hand in hand.

How do you add text to your videos?

Step 1: Select a video

Whether imported or cut from a live stream, take your video, then select the Customize function to add text to your video.

Step 2: Personalize your video

With Yuzzit, you can add a text block that appears on your video and in a timeline below the preview player. You can choose its location and size, and customize the text you add (typeface, size, color, background, etc.). On the timeline, you can choose when the text appears (to the nearest 10th of a second) and for how long. You can add as many text blocks as you like. Several blocks can appear at the same time. You can preview the result at any time before generating your video.

Step 3: Save your customization in a template

If you wish to apply text to other videos, simply create a template from your first video and apply this template to each video. You'll only have to modify the text. All other parameters (location, size, typeface, color, ....) are automatically taken over. This is the solution for applying your graphic charter identically.

Make powerful, recognizable videos easily with Yuzzit

By using templates to add text to your videos, you can quickly personalize them with punchy messages that your audience will always recognize by using the same layout.

Edit your videos with professional features

Frequently asked questions

How can I display two lines of text in different formats?

You can display several lines of text, in different formats, from the timeline below the player. This allows you to add as many lines of text as you like. This allows you to simply create as many text blocks as you need. These blocks can be customized in terms of location, size, color, display duration, etc.

How can I easily reproduce text from one video to another?

From a video you've customized with text, you can create a template that will save all the changes you've made to your video. You can then apply it to any video to automatically duplicate your changes.

How do I change the format of a video with text on it?

When you modify a video, adding text for example, you'll create a copy (called a variant in Yuzzit) with your modifications. Each copy (or variant) can be edited, allowing you to modify the format (16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 4:5). Your text blocks will automatically adapt to the new format. When you save your changes, a new copy is generated.