The interface of Yuzzit, where we can see the live cutting feature combined with the social media publishing feature.

Live video editing software

Turn your live shows into viral videos! Instantly create videos of live highlights to share with your audience in real time on social networks.
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Video editing for broadcasters and content creators

The power of a professional tool designed to make it easy for even occasional users to get the most out of your live or replay video streams.

Real-time editing functions from live feeds

Cutting, cropping, customising in real time

A video stream of any kind is a gold mine of content, and simply broadcasting it doesn't make the most of it, especially when it's only available online. Combined with real-time publication of the best moments on social networks, this amplifies the audience, as these short extracts are perfectly adapted to the specificities of each platform in terms of format, enhancement and text. Our Yuzzit live video editing software lets you manually or automatically customize your video excerpts to meet the requirements of each platform.

Personalize your live videos with your brand's colors

Each video cut from your live feed can be customized individually or using a template, to apply your corporate identity. 

Depending on your needs and objectives, you can send Yuzzit a video stream with customisation (Dirty at the control room output), or a Clean stream, without customisation, to apply the customisation of your choice to each video.

Optimize your workflows

All you need is one fast, easy-to-use tool to efficiently produce all your online content.

Intuitive interface for quick and easy installation

Yuzzit was designed with one objective in mind: to cut out and publish a live excerpt or customize it as quickly as possible, whatever the user's level of experience. It's the quickest and easiest way to make the most of your live highlights on social media.

Compatible with all public and private live broadcast platforms

Yuzzit is natively interfaced with all social networks and VOD platforms. On request, we can interconnect Yuzzit with your information system, your CMS, or any broadcast platform that forms part of your production workflow. The aim is to simplify and accelerate your content distribution.

Real-time collaboration for team editing

Whether your teams are based in the same location, decentralized or telecommuting, Yuzzit facilitates collaborative work in the production, editorialization, control and publication of online content.
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Easily distribute and share your content

It's never been easier to broadcast a live event on social networks, or to share highlights with your audience. Make it simple with Yuzzit, the online live video editing software available to everyone. 

Live streaming on multiple platforms

The live stream you send to Yuzzit can be redirected simultaneously without latency or loss of quality to several RTMP destinations (social networks, VOD platforms or private platforms). You can program the date and time when the stream is sent, as well as the end of the retransmission. 

Your live show is automatically recorded as it happens on Yuzzit, enabling you to generate a replay video once the live show is over, which you can post on VOD platforms.

Publish your videos simultaneously on multiple platforms

All the videos you generate from your live streams, or from rushes you've imported, can be published directly from Yuzzit to one or more destinations simultaneously (social networks, FTP, private platform, etc.). Depending on the possibilities offered by each destination (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Brightcove,....) you can customize the publishing parameters (adding a cover, SRT file for subtitling, geoblocking, monetization, tags, ...). All these parameters can be pre-saved in a preset for faster reuse, without having to enter them for each new publication. A Quick Publish mode lets you edit and publish your videos in less than a minute, while watching the live stream.

Edit all types of live content

Whether it's a 24/7 TV/radio stream, video capture of an event from a camera or smartphone, or a webinar, Yuzzit lets you broadcast it online in just a few clicks.

Conferences and webinars

Reinforce the dissemination and repetition of key messages at your conferences, webinars and internal meetings by publishing them in real time, or after your event, in the form of short videos on your public or private social media. They're easier to read and more effective than a full replay of your live event.

News and radio

Be the first to continuously inform your audience about the most important news items on morning shows, newscasts, news programs, ... by publishing videos on social networks in less than a minute, or audio files on podcast platforms. Connect all your audio and video feeds to Yuzzit, enabling your journalists and community managers to capture, comment and share the essentials in real time.

Live events

Amplify the online audience for your events by connecting the feed from each video capture (camera or smartphone) or control room output, then publish short video excerpts of the best moments as they happen. Thanks to their extreme virality, they can capture a new online audience. After your event, you can reuse these videos to create a best of and post it on your website or VOD platforms to offer your community the chance to relive the essentials of your event.

Media library: organize and download your videos at any time

Securely accessible online, Yuzzit lets you access all your content - live, video, podcasts, images and gifs - at any time. Find media instantly with its search and sort functions. You'll be able to see where it comes from, whether it's been published, when it was published and by whom, along with a description.

Edit your videos with professional features

How do I create and edit an online video?

Frequently asked questions

What is a live video editing software?

This is an online software to which you connect your video stream (in Push/Pull format RTMP, HSL, SRT,...) and which allows you to cut out extracts in real time or in replay for instant publication on social networks, to increase the virality and the audience of your events.

What are the advantages of Yuzzit for live video editing?

Accessible online, Yuzzit requires no installation and runs 24/7 from anywhere, on any computer. Its ultra-simple design and ergonomics make it easy to get to grips with, without any particular knowledge of video editing. Continuously recording your video stream, the solution lets you cut live or replay excerpts down to the frame. No need to wait until the end of the live show to download a large video file and load it into traditional editing software to retrieve the video extracts! Yuzzit also enables you to publish your content directly to all social networks and video-on-demand platforms.

Does your live video editing software offer technical support?

Yes, the Yuzzit team will help you get started, train users and provide operational and technical support 7/7. During the onboarding phase, a support plan is set up according to the objectives to be achieved. Everything is done to ensure that you get the most out of Yuzzit in the best possible conditions.

Is my content protected on your live video editing software?

Access to Yuzzit is via an individual login and password, managed by the Auth0 security platform. A double authentication system can be activated at any time. Video stream ingest points are fully secured by specific keys. Content generated from your live feeds or imported into the library can only be accessed by users for whom you have created an access login. A user with an administrator profile can create, modify or deactivate an access login.