A description of the interface of yuzzit, showing the live cutting feature, combined with the publishing feature.

Real-time TV/Radio media monitoring

Companies, PR agencies: get instant access to the replay of any TV or radio moment.
Clip it and share it with your management, customers or audience in 1 click.

Follow the news in real time

Media monitoring is essential for large companies, brands and sensitive industries. It can be done on social networks, in the press, on TV or on the radio. TV and radio hold a special place: they are often the first media to broadcast scoops. You're often aware of these interviews long before you receive an alert from your media monitoring agency. Your priority then is to be able to review/cut/share the radio or TV moment in question.

Access over 40 TV and radio channels all in one place

Yuzzit puts over 40 French TV and radio media at your fingertips, with 24/7 live access and replay back up to 7 days. Yuzzit works from a simple browser on any computer, whether you're in the office or at home. So, at any time, you can review a radio or TV moment that has just been broadcast, or that has been broadcast in the last 30 days.
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Spot emerging trends before your competitors do

By capturing live news from these sources, Yuzzit offers real-time monitoring of TV and radio programs, shows and debates. This proactive approach enables you to quickly detect hot topics, important events and popular discussions that influence public opinion. By analyzing this data in real time, you can anticipate media developments, adjust your communication strategies accordingly, and make informed decisions before your competitors exploit this information. With Yuzzit's media intelligence, you can stay one step ahead of the ever-changing media landscape.

Quickly share relevant TV and radio segments with your audience

Once you've retrieved the video (mp4) or audio (mp3) extract you're interested in, you can download it to your computer, share a link to your extract by e-mail or instant messaging (without file transfer), or publish it on social media directly from Yuzzit.

Easily edit lives from your media monitoring

Easy sequence cutting

Easily retrieve a TV/radio extract thanks to a timeline that lets you view the start/end of the sequence you're interested in on a player, with frame-by-frame precision, and generate a video in MP4 format.

Subtitle your TV clips

To make your video extracts easier to play, especially on cell phones with muted audio, you can automatically subtitle them with Yuzzit. Subtitles generated in this way can be in the form of a file (SRT, VTT, TXT) or integrated into the video, allowing you to apply your own graphic charter.

Up to 30 days of history

All TV and radio streams are automatically recorded 24/7, with up to 30 days of rolling history. You can easily find a previously broadcast sequence by entering the date and selecting the program name or time slot. The video sequence you're looking for appears instantly.

Instantly broadcast live clips selected from your media monitoring

By combining instant sharing with scheduled publishing, Yuzzit gives you total control over the distribution of your videos and audios on social networks, optimizing your online presence and maximizing the impact of your content.

Share information in 1 click

With Yuzzit, you can instantly share your freshly made videos on social networks. The platform integrates direct sharing functionalities, which means you can publish your videos on different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many others, without having to leave the editing interface.

This speed of sharing enables you to capitalize on real-time hype and news, by quickly distributing your video content to relevant audiences. In this way, you can increase the visibility of your company or brand, generate engagement and interact with your target audience in a reactive way. These gains in terms of speed and ease of sharing translate into an optimization of your communication strategy and an increase in your influence on social networks.

Schedule the publication of your live sequences

In addition to the ability to instantly share your video footage on social networks, Yuzzit also lets you schedule the publication of these videos.
This means you can plan in advance the precise moments when your videos will be published on the various social platforms, multiplying the benefits:

- Maintain a regular and consistent presence on social networks, even if you can't be constantly available to manually publish your content,

- plan to publish your videos at the right times, you can maximize impact by broadcasting them when your audience is most active and receptive.

- optimize your workflow by grouping the creation and planning of your video content at more convenient times.

Archive all your clips in a single library

Yuzzit gives you a solid foundation for your content creation by allowing you to archive all the clips you make within a single library in the cloud. Thanks to this centralized archiving function, you can easily store and organize all your audio and video content in a single, secure location. This makes it easier to search, retrieve and reuse clips at a later date, which represents a considerable advantage in terms of efficiency and productivity.
The use of the cloud ensures easy access to your video archives from any connected device, enabling you to manage and share your content seamlessly, wherever you are. With Yuzzit, managing and archiving your video clips becomes simple, convenient and highly efficient.

Take control of your TV and radio news

Who better than you and your colleagues to be informed of the broadcasting of a TV or radio story that concerns you? With Yuzzit, you can quickly and independently retrieve the information and react accordingly.
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Edit your videos with professional features

Frequently asked questions

How do I access other radio or TV channels?

Today, we reach over 50 French media outlets. On request, we can study the integration of new TV and radio channels.

Does the TV and radio media monitoring tool allow you to search for specific content?

Our software is dedicated to retrieving, cutting, editing and publishing your content. Thanks to the EPG, the electronic program guide, Yuzzit lets you easily find your TV or radio sequences by indicating their broadcast date and selecting the program name or time slot.
However, it doesn't allow you to retrieve specific content via a simple keyword search.

How long does a story remain available after broadcast?

We offer you up to 30 rolling days of history on all the TV and radio media we track.

How do I share a radio or TV clip internally?

From the live space or the Yuzzit library, you can find and generate a link to the video you wish to share, copy/paste the link to this video and share it in a Whatsapp or email loop. Recipients can view the video simply by clicking on the link.

Is it possible to share video clips edited from this media monitoring tool on social media platforms?

Yuzzit combines a number of features that go beyond media monitoring to enable you to cut up your videos, edit them and publish them very quickly on all the platforms of your choice. With Yuzzit, you get a media monitoring tool, a video editor and a scheduling tool for social networks !

How do I keep track of the topics that interest me?

All the videos and audio files you generate are available in the Yuzzit library, with no time limit. You can create folders to organize them.