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What is the role of a video thumbnail?

Whatever the VOD platform or social network on which you publish your video, an image appears to illustrate its content and encourage viewers to watch it. By default, the platform generates this image or suggests one. It is arbitrarily taken at different moments in your video. The choice is limited and often doesn't illustrate the content or highlight the main speaker. However, this image is very important, as it is the only element, along with the title and description, on which Internet users will decide, in a matter of seconds, whether or not to watch your video.

You can also compose this image yourself, or extract it from your video at a better time. Once your video has been imported onto the platform, import your image. All platforms offer this option (check the conditions defined by your platform).

How do you create and add a thumbnail to your video?

Step 1: Two options for creating your thumbnail

You can create it outside Yuzzit, then import it into the library. This is generally the case for trailers when they are created centrally. Alternatively, you can select a thumbnail from your video when publishing.

Step 2: Publish your video from Yuzzit with its thumbnail

With Yuzzit, you can publish your video directly on any platform. From the destinations you've selected, a dynamic form lets you write your post and fill in the various publication options, including adding a thumbnail. To add your thumbnail, either select the image you've imported into the library, or choose it by the frame from your video.
If you're publishing your video simultaneously on several destinations, you can use the same thumbnail for all of them, or add a specific one for each destination.

Amplify your audience easily by adding a thumbnail

With Yuzzit, it's easy to quickly add a thumbnail to your videos before publishing them. This action is fully integrated into the publishing workflow. In just a few seconds, you can add value to your video without letting social networking platforms do it for you.
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How do you create thumbnails for your videos?

Frequently asked questions

How do I add a thumbnail to my video?

You add a thumbnail to your video when you publish it on social media. You can select an available image from the library or select one from your video. The selected image will be added to the publication and managed by each social network.

Why add a thumbnail to my video?

Internet users take less than 5 seconds to decide whether or not to watch a video. The image displayed before playback is decisive in making them want to watch it. If you don't, the hosting platform or social network will choose one by default from your video, which may not illustrate the subject or flatter the important person(s) appearing in it.

Can I add a thumbnail unrelated to my video?

For a long time, most social networks refused to allow images (or thumbnails) not taken from your video, to avoid deception. Today, however, you can use any image you like. Just make sure that it enhances your channel and your video, and is not deceptive or misleading. Internet users will appreciate it.