Leverage your webinar replay for content creation

Use the replay of your webinar to prolong its impact and strengthen the link with your audience.
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Leverage your webinars to extend the reach of your live event

Webinars are powerful communication tools, but their impact is not limited to the duration of the live event. By recording the replay of your webinar with Yuzzit, our video editing software, you can extend the reach of your content and maximize its impact on your audience. A webinar replay offers a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience over a much longer period. By sharing the content of your event after it has been broadcast live, you engage new viewers and boost your company's profile.

Use your webinars to generate qualified inbound leads

A webinar and its replay are a valuable resource for lead generation. Beyond the live broadcast and registrants to your event, by making the webinar replay available on your website, you attract qualified prospects who are interested in your area of expertise.
To take full advantage of your webinar, don't forget to optimize your replay to turn it into a real conversion tool by adding targeted calls to action, such as contact forms or links to additional resources.
By using webinars and their replays proactively: expand your prospect base, reinforce your company's credibility and position your products or services as must-have solutions for your target audience.

Select key moments for your webinars

To optimize the impact of your replay, identify the most relevant moments of your webinar. Cut out these video extracts and share them on your social networks using our video editing and publishing features. This way, you can leave a lasting impression on your audience with the highlights of your talk, and promote the full replay of your event.
With this strategy, you engage your audience immediately, encouraging greater interaction with your company or brand, and boosting your lead generation strategy.

Cut out and assemble the replay excerpts

To make viewing your replay more digestible, you can also cut out and assemble the best passages from your webinar, creating more attractive content. Structure your replay's best-of to offer a fluid, engaging experience for viewers, who can consume the content at their own pace and retain the essential elements without wasting time on details.

Optimize your video sequence for sharing

It's not enough to record the replay of your webinar or even to create short promotional videos, you still need to ensure that this content is adapted to the various destination platforms for optimum effectiveness with your audiences.With Yuzzit, you can optimize the format of your video in just one click so that it's perfectly suited to each social network: vertical for TikTok, horizontal for Youtube, square for Instagram...
Our solution also lets you add subtitles to reach a wider audience, add eye-catching text and titles, or even your graphic elements like your logo, and also integrate calls to action to encourage sharing on social networks. Effective optimization of your video will maximize the visibility and distribution of your content.

Communicate around the replay of your event

Proactive communication is essential to maximize the impact of your replay. Let your audience know when post-event content is available, and implement promotional strategies to reach a wider audience. Use the short videos you've previously created to promote them on all your social networks.
Yuzzit makes it easy for you to publish the same content on all the platforms you want, in the right way, and all with just one touch.

Leverage your Teams webinars

Whether you're a marketing or communications professional, or a project manager, maximize the impact of your Teams webinars by judiciously exploiting their replays. Thanks to Yuzzit, our video editing software, you can turn these sessions into lasting resources.
Start by scheduling your webinar in Teams, then connect your webinar video feed to Yuzzit. Schedule automatic recording of your event in Yuzzit, then launch your Teams webinar. You can then clip live video extracts throughout your webinar, or wait until the end of your event to generate the webinar replay and archive it in Yuzzit. You can then exploit your Teams webinar as you wish, sharing the full replay, or sharing the best video sequences from your event.

Leverage your Zoom webinars

With Yuzzit, our multi-purpose video editor, optimize the impact of your Zoom webinars by strategically exploiting their replays.
Start by scheduling your webinar in Zoom, then connect your event's video feed to Yuzzit. Activate automatic recording in Yuzzit before launching your Zoom webinar. You have the choice of cutting live excerpts throughout your event, or waiting until the end to generate the webinar replay and store it in the Yuzzit library. This flexibility allows you to leverage your Zoom webinar in a variety of ways, from sharing the full replay to broadcasting highlights of your event in a targeted way.
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Frequently asked questions

Why publish a webinar replay?

Publishing the replay of a webinar offers an excellent opportunity to increase the reach of your event. By allowing those who weren't able to attend live to view the content at their convenience, you broaden your audience and maximize the impact of your message. What's more, replay is a valuable resource for lead generation, attracting a qualified audience interested in your expertise.

Who might be interested in a webinar replay?

The diversity of interests associated with webinars means that virtually anyone can be interested in a replay. Professionals seeking practical advice, companies looking for specific solutions, students seeking in-depth knowledge, and even the curious looking to explore new topics can find value in the content of a replay. So, by publishing your replay, you broaden your target audience and meet a variety of needs.

Can I edit the replay of my webinar?

Absolutely! Editing the replay of your webinar is a crucial step in extracting the best content. With Yuzzit, our video editor, you can cut, assemble and optimize the most relevant moments.

What is the optimum length for a webinar replay?

The optimal length of a webinar replay varies according to the specific content and the target audience. Replays lasting 20 to 30 minutes are often well suited, capturing the audience's attention without overloading them with information. However, the key lies in creating short one- or two-minute videos of the webinar's best moments to share the essential takeaways.

Which promotional channels are most effective for sharing a webinar replay?

Effective webinar replay promotion relies on channel diversification. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook offer considerable visibility. Don't forget to leverage your website by integrating the replay into relevant articles.