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Add subtitles to your video, online

Make your videos accessible to your entire audience and multiply their impact!

Add subtitles to your videos to boost visibility and engagement

Energize your videos by making them accessible to everyone: the hearing impaired and those who prefer to read rather than listen, in all environments where there is no sound and therefore no disturbance to those around them, making the content easier to understand for people whose first language is not the language of the video. Adding subtitles to your videos also enables you to adapt to the rules of social media platforms. These often auto-mute videos by default, meaning that users have to activate the sound manually. By providing subtitles, you enable your content to convey its message even without sound, encouraging users to stay engaged and watch the video in its entirety.

Generate your own subtitles

There are two ways to generate subtitles for your videos. Yuzzit's strength lies in the fact that we offer both solutions with optimized paths, enabling you to produce corrected subtitles in record time.

Generate independent subtitles for your video

By generating them in a file (SRT, VTT) that will be attached to your video when published on social networks. In this case, the social network will manage the display according to an unmodifiable standard (white text on a black background). The main advantage of this solution is that most social networks use the text contained in the file to improve your video's referencing.

Embed your subtitles in the video

The other way of subtitling a video is to embed the text directly into the video. The advantage is that you can apply your own graphic guidelines (font, color, size, background, location).

How do I add subtitles to a video?

You can enter your subtitles manually or generate them automatically using Speech To Text. Once you've completed this step, you can correct any errors and adjust the text in each block for easy reading. It takes just a few minutes, and your subtitle file is ready to use, in SRT or VTT format.
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Quickly customize your subtitles

With Yuzzit, you can customize the display of your subtitles on your video (font, size, color, background, location, word highlighting, etc.). Highlight keywords and make your videos easier to read with muted audio. Subtitling a video is no longer a constraint with Yuzzit, but a real asset for your content, so simple, fast and efficient is its use.

Sort or resize your subtitled videos

If you want to shorten a video you've just subtitled, no problem. Each word is associated with a time code. The subtitle file will also be shortened, maintaining perfect synchronization. You can also change the format of your video (landscape, square portrait). The subtitle display will be automatically adapted.

Create your own subtitle templates

You can create templates for your videos that integrate your subtitle display settings. By using one of your templates, subtitles will be automatically created and displayed as you wish. Thanks to style sheets, you can predefine the display parameters of the text and subtitles you wish to add to your videos, for all your users, thus guaranteeing compliance with your graphic charter.

Transcribe the audio from your videos into TXT files

The function for transcribing the audio of your videos into text can be saved in TXT format, allowing you to easily retrieve the content for use in an article or post.

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Less than 3 minutes to subtitle 1 minute of video

If you're looking for a simple, fast and high-performance solution for generating subtitles, Yuzzit is the perfect answer.

How do you add subtitles to your videos?

Frequently asked questions

How do I create subtitle templates?

Customize your first video as you wish, then generate your video. Starting with this new version, you'll be able to create a template that saves all your personalization settings, which will be automatically applied to your videos.

How do I adapt subtitles to my video format?

The subtitle format automatically adapts to the format you apply to your video (16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 4:5). 

How can I add subtitles to my video?

If you want to shorten or trim a subtitled video, no problem. Each word has a time code synchronized with your video's audio track. It will undergo your video's modifications while maintaining perfect synchronization.

How do I customize subtitles?

Yuzzit lets you customize the placement and display of your subtitles (font, size, color, background, etc.). Once finished, you can generate a copy of your video with the subtitles embedded in the images.