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How to optimize your trailer production workflow

Trailers are an essential vector for informing and capturing online audiences for your TV programs. That's why it's important to be able to easily customize them to the specificities of different social networks, in order to optimize their visibility. In other words, you need to create different versions (landscape, square, portrait), apply each channel's graphic charter and subtitle them. Two conditions are essential to achieve the desired results. To have an easy-to-use online editing software for your community managers who are not video professionals, and to optimize the production workflow to save time and produce more, without increasing the resources allocated.

What are the key steps in achieving this result?

Step 1: Creating program-specific skin templates

Each channel and each program generally has its own graphic charter. You'll need to create templates in Yuzzit, based on the graphic elements of the program and the channel on which it's broadcast. Then adapt them to the formats appropriate for the social networks on which the trailers will be published. A template allows you to define the video format, the text format on the video, the skinning layers, the graphic charter for subtitles, intros/outros, etc.

Step 2: Creating your basic 16:9 clean video for trailers

For an episode of a program or show, a short video can be created by an editor in video software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, using extracts from the recordings, and automatically imported into Yuzzit. Alternatively, you can use Yuzzit directly by importing a program rush to select an extract and generate a simple edit to be used as the basis for trailers.

Step 3: Creating custom trailers from different versions of the source video

The community manager selects the source video from the Yuzzit library, then applies the appropriate templates to create different subtitled versions, in different formats, with different intro/outro, to be broadcast at specific times (Saturday night..., tomorrow night..., tonight...).

Step 4: Programming the automatic distribution of trailers on social networks

Once you've created your trailers, you can schedule their publication from Yuzzit to any social network or FTP destination. For recurring programs, you can predefine the accounts on which to publish your trailers and the template to be applied per destination in a "publication preset". All you have to do is write the text of your post and set the date and time of publication. Yuzzit automatically personalizes the video before publishing it.

Trailers and live clipping in a single tool: the winning combo

In addition to fast trailer creation, Yuzzit offers access to live channel feeds, enabling you to cut out segments from live broadcasts in real time and publish them instantly to social networks.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I import a show rush and edit it for my trailer?

You can produce the video that will support your trailers directly in Yuzzit from rushes, or import an already edited video. You can also automate the import into Yuzzit from an internal server or editing station.

Can I predefine the skinning parameters to be applied and the accounts on which I want to publish the trailer?

For each version of a trailer you create in Yuzzit, you can save your changes in a template (format, logo, Marie-Louise, text, etc.) and apply them automatically to other videos, to save time.

In addition to trailers, can I cut out extracts from live broadcasts to publish in real time?

Yuzzit is the only online platform to offer an editing tool, a live production tool and instant publication on social networks. Get a single tool for all your needs!