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Publish your videos on all your social networks, simultaneously and in the right formats, in just a few clicks!
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Share your content on any platform, in the right format, at the right time

It's no longer necessary to say how important it is for a media, a company or a brand to communicate on social networks. But it's becoming increasingly difficult to master the specificities of each platform, and to navigate the functional complexity of their constantly evolving interfaces. To simplify the publication of content (gif, video, image) on social networks, we have interfaced Yuzzit with all the platforms that offer an API (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Linkedin, Tiktok....) and created a dynamic publication form that adapts to the destinations on which you wish to publish. This means no more unpleasant surprises, as you have access to all the essential information you need on a single page. It's the ultimate solution for publishing your content quickly and easily.

Automate your social media publishing calendar

Optimize your social media strategy with our social network scheduling tool. Yuzzit has been designed to save you time when publishing your content, enabling you to reach your audience at the right time to maintain a consistent and engaging presence on social platforms. You can schedule your publications in advance, avoiding the need to manually publish each piece of content at specific times for all your destination platforms. Schedule your publications in advance and let them run smoothly and consistently, even when you're busy or offline.

Optimize every publication

Optimize each of your posts and content for the platforms you want to publish on. Yuzzit lets you automatically customize your image or video using templates. You'll be able to modify the format and skin when you publish. What's more, when you specify the destination, the publication form automatically displays the fields to be filled in (cover, title, message, tags, geoblocking, monetization, specific parameters). In just a few clicks, your content will be personalized and parameterized, ensuring an optimal audience without having spent hours on it.

Multi-platform distribution

On the form for publishing your content, you can select as many destinations as you like, i.e. several accounts on several platforms. Each destination can have specific or common parameters (title, tag, cover, message, publication date and time).

Schedule your publications

Ideal for publishing trailers for TV programs or events, you can choose the date and time of publication of your post. If you publish your post to several destinations, you can apply the same date and time or a specific one to each account. As long as the post has not yet been published, you can modify it.
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Quick publish

There's an ultra-fast publishing mode designed for sharing content in real time during a live event. It allows you to write your post while listening and watching the live event. Then cut out the appropriate video sequence, and the video is automatically associated with the publication form. All you have to do is publish. Yuzzit takes care of applying your publishing parameters. Once the publication is launched, you can immediately move on to the next post, without waiting for the next publication to finish. So you don't have to take your eyes off your live feed while you're cutting and pasting excerpts.

Save your publication profiles

If you publish your content to the same destinations, you can create what are known as publication presets, in which you enter the format and skin you wish to apply to your videos, along with the accounts to which you wish to publish them. When you publish your content, all you have to do is select your preset and enter the text for your post. Yuzzit will automatically apply your settings in the background, so you can get on with preparing another post.
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Delete your publications

Once your post has been published, you can view it directly on each platform from Yuzzit, as well as delete it on all or some of the destinations on which you've published it.

A single tool for your production workflow

Yuzzit is not a social media management tool, but a content creation and publication platform. It's the perfect solution to integrate into your production workflow to handle everything from a single screen. Yuzzit can also be integrated into your work environment and interfaced with your CMS or private distribution platforms.

Adopt collaborative management of your social media

With Yuzzit, you can collaborate in real time to create, edit and publish your video and audio content to social networks. You can easily share your creations with your team, and give them access to scheduled content on your platforms.
By allowing each user to have an overview or take control of your project, you can harmonize the efforts of your entire team.

Start scheduling your publications in just a few clicks

A complete range of features to optimize your video content creation

Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule a publication?

From the publication form, you can indicate the date and time of publication. Once validated, Yuzzit takes care of publication on the scheduled date.

Which social networks are supported by your scheduling tool?

Yuzzit is natively interfaced with most of the platforms on the market offering an API (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Linkedin, Tiktok, ....). We can add new destinations on request.

Can I post to several social network accounts at once?

You can publish content simultaneously on several platforms, and for each platform on several different accounts or pages. For one-off publications, you can manually enter your publication settings for each post. If you often publish on the same accounts, you can save your settings in a preset, which will be applied automatically when you publish.

Can I program different types of content (images, videos, etc.)?

You can program your videos, gifs and images with Yuzzit. For images, when you import an image or capture it in a live broadcast, you can publish it on social networks. It will be encoded in PNG format, a format accepted by all platforms.

Can I customize the frequency of publication on each platform?

Just as Yuzzit lets you schedule your posts on each social network, it also makes it possible to customize your posts and their frequency for each platform.

How do I publish a replay?

Whether it's a video lasting a few seconds or 6 hours, Yuzzit lets you publish them on social networks. Some platforms apply limits on the maximum size or duration of videos via their API. Yuzzit will issue an alert if one of these parameters is breached.

How do I publish a podcast?

Yuzzit allows you to publish images, gifs and videos on social networks. Podcasts (mp3 audio files) are not accepted by social networks, which is why numerous platforms dedicated to podcasts have developed. On request, we can connect Yuzzit to your podcast platforms, enabling you to publish them directly. Yuzzit can also transform your podcasts into video so you can share them on social networks. The image of your choice will be associated with your audio track (or an image of the radio logo and the wave corresponding to the audio file in the case of live audio stream cutting).

Is it possible to collaborate as a team on your programming tool for social networks?

Yuzzit makes live collaboration possible when creating, editing and publishing your video content for social networks. Easily share your creations with your team, and give access to scheduled content on your platforms.