Automatically generate highlights of a sporting event

Thanks to its AI and live data feeds (like Opta, for example), Yuzzit identifies and creates video clips for each important action. All you have to do is validate and publish them.
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Automate the production and publication of content for sporting events (soccer, basketball, rugby, etc.)

The highlights of a sporting event, such as a goal in a soccer match, a basket in a basketball game or the finish of a 100m race, arouse great interest among the public, who want to see the action again as quickly as possible. Depending on the sport in question, there are various live video editing solutions to cut the sequence as close as possible to the live event and publish it as quickly as possible on social media. Some premium ball sports, such as soccer, basketball, rugby and baseball, benefit from real-time statistics that can be used to automatically cut out an action from the live stream and publish it instantly on the networks. The replay of an action will be published around 30 seconds after it has taken place, to the delight of fans.

Choose your workflow according to the sport being broadcast

Not all sports have a data stream that can automatically generate video clips in real time. That's why Yuzzit offers 3 user paths. The "automatic detection/manual publication" mode, to select the highlights that interest you and publish them manually. Automatic detection/automatic publication, to publish the most important game events, such as a goal, as quickly as possible, without human intervention. Manual detection/manual publication for sports without data feeds, where you need to follow the broadcast and manually locate your sequences.
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Other functions

Select the actions to be detected

For a sport with a data stream like soccer, every event is notified in real time (goal, shot on target, touch, foul, yellow card, red card, offside, corner, ....). With Yuzzit, you can select only the play events that interest you.
For each event, a personalized marker will appear on the timeline as you go along. You can then select the most memorable actions and publish them one by one, or as a match summary at the end of your event. Thanks to this technology, a user can follow up to 5 simultaneous matches and publish the best actions as they happen, without missing a single one.

Automatically or manually publish the best actions

For each game fact available in the data stream, you can specify whether you want to be notified to decide for yourself whether to publish it, or whether it should be trimmed and published automatically in 30 seconds. In this case, the video title and post content will be generated automatically from pre-selected metadata.

Adjust sequences before publishing them

You can predefine the duration of the sequences for each action (by default 30s before and 15 seconds after). When an action is notified, you can generate the video as is (so it will be 45 seconds long) or manually adjust the start and end when, for example, the game sequence preceding the action deserves to be published.

Generate and publish a zapping of the best moments as soon as the event is over

Once the event is over, you can automatically generate a "best of" of the best moments, or manually select the highlights to create a summary. Each sequence in your summary can be shortened, so that you retain control over the total duration of the montage.

Keep in touch with your fans

Whether they're in the stadium, at the event venue or in front of their screens, all fans want to be able to see a great action or moment of sport again very quickly, without waiting for the event to end. Yuzzit can help you to quickly deliver each highlight to your communities on your mobile app, website or social networks.

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Frequently asked questions

Which sports can benefit from automatic clipping?

Most ball sports have real-time data feeds. For an exhaustive list, visit our partner StatsPerform. Yuzzit uses their data feeds to detect game events, cut video sequences and publish them. We can integrate other data feeds on request. 

Can I select the shares I'm interested in?

You can select the types of action you're interested in from the data stream. As you go along, you can select the actions you want to publish, to offer your fans only the best moments. Automation can go as far as automatically making and publishing all the game actions you're interested in, without any human intervention. All the user has to do is define the matches and the type of action they want to cut out/publish, and Yuzzit takes care of the rest. 

How do I create a match summary?

At the end of your sporting event, you can manually select the best moments and merge them into a video to share on social networks, the website or the dedicated mobile application. You can also define a type of action, such as goals in a soccer match, and activate the automatic creation of a summary showing all the goals in a few seconds.

Can I watch the replay and search for an action?

All live events received by Yuzzit are automatically recorded as they happen. At the end of your sporting event, you can watch it again, generate a replay or retrieve an action that was notified during the event.