A description of the interface of yuzzit, showing the live cutting feature, combined with the publishing feature.

Connect Restream.io to Yuzzit

For live broadcasts and real-time video production

Make the most of your live content

Broadcasting a live event (sporting, corporate, public, private...) on social networks has become essential and easy, thanks to the numerous solutions available, enabling novices to do it themselves. Restream.io is one of these solutions; combined with Yuzzit, ourlive video editing software, you can cut short videos from your live broadcast. With a single click, you can start recording your restream stream in Yuzzit and begin cutting out excerpts.

From Restream.io to Yuzzit

Restream.io lets you mix one or more input video streams and customize the output stream for broadcast on social networks. You can send the output stream from Restream.io to Yuzzit.
Yuzzit will automatically record it as it goes along, allowing you to cut out extracts in real time (or replay) and publish them to amplify your audience.
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How do I send the Restream.io feed to Yuzzit?

As soon as you broadcast your live stream, it will be automatically available in Yuzzit after just a few seconds.

From Yuzzit to Restream.io

Send your "CLEAN" video stream to Yuzzit, allowing you to cut out extracts and then apply a skin according to the destinations on which you wish to publish them. You can also apply your own logo, or those of your partners or sponsors, to monetize your videos.
Then connect the Yuzzit output stream to Restrem.io, to dress it up and broadcast it on social networks.
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How do I send the Yuzzit feed to Restream.io?

Once the connection is established, start the stream in Yuzzit. It will automatically appear in restream after a few seconds.

Yuzzit + Restream, a quick and easy combination

By combining these two tools, you can cover all your needs: broadcast live coverage of your event, generate video capsules that you publish on social networks, and automatically retrieve the replay to make it available to your communities.