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Boost the impact of your YouTube livestreams in just a few clicks with Yuzzit! Create multiple video clips and increase your viral potential.
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Leverage your YouTube Lives in just a few clicks to make them viral

Leverage your YouTube lives to bring your livestream to life, improve interaction with your audience, increase your visibility on Youtube and optimize your content creation strategy.To do this, bet on a tool that goes beyond simple editing and allows you live video editing to produce professional videos and promote virality.

Discover how every live broadcast can become an opportunity to strengthen your online presence:
First and foremost, creating short live videos is a powerful way to interact in real time with your audience. By capturing the instant attention of your viewers, you create a stronger, more authentic bond with them, strengthening the loyalty of your community. It's also an opportunity to send them back to your live event and maximize your audience.
It's also a great way to keep your event alive long after it's been broadcast. By offering multiple video excerpts, you enable your audience to relive the best moments of your live event without having to watch it in its entirety.
Virality is often the result of a combination of factors, and YouTube lives edited with Yuzzit are designed to maximize these elements. By cutting out highlights, quickly deleting less relevant passages, and instantly sharing your edited content, you increase the chances that your video will be shared, commented on and enjoyed by a wider audience.

Quickly trim your YouTube Lives

Yuzzit makes it easy to clip the key moments of your livestreams. Our live clipping software lets you extract the most interesting parts of your video in just a few simple steps. Connected to your video feed, our solution lets you react live to your event and select, then clip, any sequences you like to create a wide range of video vignettes.

Edit your YouTube live video streams

Editing your YouTube video streams has never been easier. Yuzzit combines the power of a live editor with classic editing features to personalize your videos. You can add automatic subtitles, texts, and elements of your graphic charter such as your logo or post-roll... With this strategy, you'll arouse your audience's immediate interest, encouraging greater interaction with your company or brand, and boosting your lead generation strategy.

Share your streams instantly

Once you've finished editing, you can instantly share the edited video extracts from your livestream on YouTube. Our online editing software lets you immediately publish your video excerpts on all the destination platforms of your choice (Youtube but also TikTok, X-formerly Twitter, Instagram).
Simplify your workflow and keep your audience engaged by quickly publishing edited content without delay.

Create video templates for your YouTube livestreams

Optimize your creative process by using pre-set templates for your livestream videos. Open your Yuzzit library, select your media and click on the "customize" button. You can then apply a previously designed template, or create a new template for your video.
By keeping your templates, you'll save time and maintain visual consistency, while offering captivating content for every Youtube live.
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How to edit your YouTube lives with Yuzzit?

Discover our step-by-step guide on how to edit your live YouTube streams with Yuzzit.

Step 1: Connect your YouTube live stream to Yuzzit 

Yuzzit offers extensive compatibility with various video streams such as RTMP, HLS, SRT, and many others. For a Youtube livestream, simply copy the corresponding URL from the platform and paste it into Yuzzit. In just a few moments, your video stream will be accessible and recorded without interruption, whatever the duration of your live broadcast. 

Step 2: Select the live sequence of your choice

Once your Youtube live stream is connected to Yuzzit, you can view it live from our solution via the "live stream" tab. To capture a specific moment that has just been broadcast, place the start and end markers on the timeline. Adjust them precisely, then create a video of your selection by clicking on "Generate video".

Step 3: Customize your video clip

Customize your video clip manually, or choose from predefined templates before publishing or uploading your clip. You can change the format (1:1, 4:5, 9:16, 16:9), add subtitles, text, a logo, as well as an introduction or conclusion in the form of a pre-roll or post-roll.

Step 4: Share your video

Once your video is ready, click on "Share". Select the platforms on which you'd like to broadcast your clip and publish it instantly, or schedule its broadcast by indicating the desired date and time.

Industrialize your YouTube content production with Yuzzit

Yuzzit simplifies your YouTube content production with advanced features. Explore the benefits of near live clipping, a user-friendly interface and simplified collaboration.

Real-time cutting and editing functions

Optimize your workflow with our near live clipping features. Edit your video during broadcast for instant results. 

Boost your content production by cutting multiple video extracts from a single livestream.

Simplified collaboration 

Our online platform lets you connect easily wherever you are. Collaborate effectively with your team, even remotely. Multi-edit livestreams for outstanding results, and take advantage of our internal sharing features to get your projects validated efficiently. 

User-friendly interface

Our user-friendly interface makes editing your livestreams extremely simple. Enjoy easy access to all features, even if you're not a professional video editor.

With Yuzzit you can : 

  • cut up your videos while keeping an eye on your live feed,
  • associate an existing skin template with your video clip, 
  • publish your videos instantly from your live window.

How do you connect your Youtube livestream to Yuzzit?

Discover all the live video editing features offered by Yuzzit

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Frequently asked questions

What editing tools are available on Yuzzit for YouTube live stream videos?

Yuzzit offers a full range of editing tools, including subtitle additions, text additions, logo additions and near live clipping features, for maximum customization of your livestream videos.

What is the output quality of videos edited with Yuzzit?

Videos edited with Yuzzit maintain the same quality as your Youtube livestream, preserving image sharpness and audio clarity. Give your audience the best possible visual and audio experience.

Does Yuzzit offer customer support for problems editing YouTube livestreams?

Our customer support team will help you get to grips with Yuzzit, every step of the way, to ensure an optimal experience. However, while our customer support team is available to help you resolve any problems you may encounter, it does not replace your teams for editing your livestreams. 

Does Yuzzit offer templates or presets to speed up the YouTube livestream editing process?

Absolutely. Yuzzit offers template creation and preset setup to simplify and speed up the editing process. Choose from a variety of options for professional results in minimum time.