Generate subtitles automatically

Improve the performance and efficiency of your video production with our automatic subtitling feature.
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High-quality automatic subtitling

Video subtitling has become essential to the success of a video, but it must be both efficient and fast if it is to be effectively integrated into your production workflow. That's why automatic subtitling is THE essential solution! As is a good management interface, to correct any errors and customization. At Yuzzit, we've worked alongside customers to deliver high-performance video editing software that enables even the most demanding users to produce perfect subtitles very quickly.

Automatically produce flawless subtitles

Subtitling has become an essential practice for improving the accessibility and engagement of video content. With Yuzzit, you can produce high-quality automatic subtitles in just a few clicks. Combined with multilingual transcription, the interface offers incomparable ease of use and speed of execution.
Whether your objective is live, speed or ultra-customization, Yuzzit offers an optimized navigation path to get straight to the point. Thanks to its advanced technologies, Yuzzit guarantees accurate, synchronized subtitles, enhancing the user experience and expanding your audience. Try Yuzzit today for impeccable, efficient automatic subtitling.
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Other functions

Choose the file format that suits you best

Automatically generate high-quality subtitles and upload them in the format of your choice (SRT, VTT). The file can also be attached to your video for publication on social networks, directly from Yuzzit. Social networks will use it to display subtitles automatically and improve your video's SEO.

Create articles from your subheadings

Once your subtitle file has been generated, download it in TXT format for use in an article or post. Maximize the use of your video content with automatic subtitling.

Add subtitles to your live streams

Yuzzit lets you cut live excerpts into videos that you can publish instantly to social networks. You can quickly transcribe the audio into subtitles to produce high-quality videos that are easy to read, even on mobile devices. For TV channels with a transcribed text feed, this will be cut at the same time as the video extract, enabling both to be published instantly on social networks.

Boost the power of your messages

With Yuzzit, automatic subtitling of all your videos is finally possible, thanks to its ease of use, speed and transcription quality. We're constantly improving our features to ensure that they meet your expectations as closely as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I automatically transcribe subtitles?

Import your video or generate it from a live stream, select the language spoken and start the transcription. The text will be broken down into 3-second blocks. Once the transcription is complete, you can correct any errors and adjust the text for optimum readability. On average, it will take you 3 minutes to perfectly subtitle 1 minute of video with our automatic subtitling.

Can I edit automatically generated subtitles?

Yes, once the subtitles have been generated, you can review and edit them via the Yuzzit interface. Our tool allows you to adjust the text, correct errors and customize the appearance of the subtitles to suit your needs perfectly.

What subtitle file formats are available?

The formats offered are the most common: SRT, VTT and TXT. We can add other formats on request to meet your specific automatic subtitling needs.

Can I automatically create subtitles from a live stream?

For TV channels with a transcript text stream associated with the video stream, this will be automatically cut with the video excerpts or program replays, thanks to our automatic subtitling solution.

What types of videos can benefit from automatic subtitling?

All kinds of videos can benefit from automatic subtitling: marketing videos, tutorials, webinars, training videos, live performances, even TV shows. Yuzzit is designed to be versatile and adaptable to different types of content.