Editing a TikTok live

Optimize the reach of your live TikTok in the blink of an eye with Yuzzit! Generate multiple video clips to extend your reach and increase your viral potential.
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Exploit your TikTok Lives in just a few clicks to make them viral

Professionals: transforming your TikTok lives into multiple viral videos has never been easier. With Yuzzit, editing a TikTok live video is child's play. Our live video editing platform lets you capture the highlights of your event, refine your message and share it with your audience in an efficient way. Whether you're a video editor or a social media manager, our intuitive tools will guide you every step of the way. With Yuzzit, maximize audience engagement and increase your visibility on social networks.

Quickly cut your TikTok Lives

Cutting your TikTok live shows quickly and precisely is essential to captivate your audience. Yuzzit offers advanced trimming tools that allow you to select the most memorable moments of your live show. Whether you want to highlight a key moment or create teasers for future lives, our interface helps you do it in just a few clicks, without compromising the quality of your video.

Edit your TikTok video streams

Yuzzit offers a range of editing tools for your TikTok streams, enabling you to fine-tune your videos by adding pre-roll or post-roll, graphic elements such as a logo, or text and subtitles. You can store these customization elements in a template that can be reused for each of your videos.
Our platform supports TikTok's specific formats, such as vertical format and duration, ensuring that your videos are always optimized for this platform.

Share your lives instantly

Once you've edited your TikTok live, it's crucial to share the clips you've created quickly to keep your audience engaged. Yuzzit simplifies the sharing process, allowing you to publish your edited videos directly on TikTok, as well as on other platforms like YouTube or Instagram. This helps you reach a wider audience and generate more subscribers. Simplify your workflow and keep your audience engaged by quickly publishing edited content without delay.

Create templates for your TikTok live clips

For regular creators, Yuzzit offers the possibility of creating customized templates for editing your TikTok lives. These templates save you time by automating parts of the editing process, such as formatting, adding logos and subtitles, allowing you to maintain visual consistency and reinforce your brand on TikTok.
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How to edit your TikTok lives with Yuzzit?

Yuzzit makes editing your TikTok lives simple and effective. Follow our step-by-step guide to turn your content into captivating videos. From importing your live stream to publishing the finished product, our platform is with you every step of the way, ensuring professional results at your fingertips.

Step 1: Integrate your live TikTok with Yuzzit

Yuzzit integrates seamlessly with various video streams such as RTMP, HLS, SRT and many others. To connect your TikTok live stream, simply copy the corresponding URL from the platform and paste it into Yuzzit. Your video stream will be accessible in a matter of seconds and recorded without interruption, whatever the duration of your live broadcast.

Step 2: Select the live sequence of your choice

Once your TikTok live stream is connected to Yuzzit, access the "live stream" tab to view your live content. To capture a specific moment, place the start and end markers on the timeline. Adjust them precisely, then create a video of your selection by clicking on "Generate video".

Step 3: Personalize your video clip

Customize your video clip by choosing from predefined templates or making manual adjustments. You can change the aspect ratio (1:1, 4:5, 9:16, 16:9), add subtitles, text, logo, pre-roll or post-roll.

Step 4: Share your video on TikTok or another platform

Once your video is ready, click on "Share". Choose the platforms on which you want to broadcast your clip. This can be TikTok, but you can also publish your videos on any other platform of your choice, such as Youtube and Instagram. And publish it instantly, or schedule it for a specific time and date.

Industrialize your content production on TikTok with Yuzzit

Real-time cutting and editing functions

Yuzzit offers cutting-edge features for cutting and editing in real time. This allows you to react quickly to trends and keep your content fresh and relevant.

Simplified collaboration 

Yuzzit makes team collaboration easy. Share and edit your videos in real time with colleagues or your content creation team, improving the efficiency and consistency of your productions.

User-friendly interface

Our user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for novices. Advanced features are also available for those wishing to explore more complex editing options.

Discover all the live video editing features offered by Yuzzit

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Frequently asked questions

What editing tools are available on Yuzzit for TikTok live videos?

Yuzzit offers a wide range of editing tools. These range from video trimming, adaptability to destination formats, to the addition of graphic elements, text or subtitles, adapted to the specificities of TikTok.

How does Yuzzit handle the specific formats and dimensions of TikTok videos?

Yuzzit is fully compatible with TikTok's formats and dimensions, ensuring that your videos are always optimized for this platform. We also offer a dynamic cropping feature that preserves the most important content of a 16:9 format in a 9:16 format.

Does Yuzzit offer customer support for problems editing TikTok lives?

We offer customer support to help you with all aspects of editing your TikTok lives. However, our support team does not replace your teams when it comes to editing your livestreams. 

Does Yuzzit offer templates or presets to speed up the process of editing TikTok lives?

Yes, Yuzzit offers templates and presets to simplify and speed up the editing process, making regular content creation more efficient.

Can Yuzzit be used to add special effects and filters to TikTok videos?

No, Yuzzit focuses on speed of production, offering simple and effective customization tools for professionals to create a video in just a few seconds.