Create video clips from a live stream

Create and publish video capsules during or after your live show in just a few clicks to amplify your audience on social networks.
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Amplify your audience easily by publishing excerpts from your live show

Whatever your structure, company or brand, speed of production and reactivity are now essential to your communication strategies.
Publishing excerpts from your live livestreams is therefore an effective strategy for expanding your audience.
Using Yuzzit, our live video editor, you have the power to capture your users' attention in real time and extend the life of your original content. Easily transform your live streams into short, dynamic content, suitable for instant and effective broadcast.

Trim your livestreams and create video clips in minutes

Yuzzit makes it easy to turn your livestreams into compelling video clips, in just a few minutes. Whether your broadcast is live or already over, our solution gives you the ability to find and extract highlights from your stream. Simply follow your live stream in Yuzzit, select and trim the key sequences, and in an instant you're generating high-quality clips ready to share. This fast and efficient method ensures that your most important extracts are never lost, and remain ready to captivate your audience.

Personalize your video clips

To optimize the effectiveness of your video clips, so that they match your brand or message, Yuzzit offers a wide range of customization features. Add your logo, an introduction or skin, subtitles, and adjust the format to perfectly match your brand's aesthetic. This personalization reinforces the identity of your content and makes it instantly recognizable to your audience. 

Optimize your video clips for all platforms

Our video cropping feature lets you optimize your clips instantly, for optimal distribution on all platforms. Whether for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, easily adapt the format and duration of your clips so that they are perfectly suited to each social network.

Share your video clips immediately on social networks

Once your video clip is ready, enjoy the ease with which Yuzzit lets you share your videos on your social networks. Our cross-platform integration lets you distribute your content instantly and simultaneously, increasing your visibility and engagement with your audience.

Create video clips for any event

TV show

Capture the highlights of your TV programs and share them with your audience. Whether it's the highlight of a talk show, a moving passage from an interview or the climax of a documentary, turn these moments into clips that will captivate your audience.

Sports event

Sporting events are full of memorable action and footage. Use our tool to capture these key moments, such as a decisive goal or exceptional action at a soccer match, and create clips that will immortalize the moment.

Corporate event

Corporate events, such as conferences, product launches or company meetings, are rich in content to share. Create clips that highlight key moments from these events, increasing the reach of your business message and boosting engagement with your audience, whether internal or external.

Create memorable content

In today's digital landscape, standing out from the crowd has become both essential and increasingly complex. With Yuzzit, you can create content that's not only fast, but memorable too.
Our platform gives you the flexibility and tools you need to turn your livestreams into engaging video clips that will resonate with your audience. Whether you want to immortalize an event, highlight a special moment, or simply share a unique experience, Yuzzit is the ideal tool for bringing your most creative ideas to life with its many features.

How to generate videos from a live feed?

Engage your audience and add value to your content by creating video clips from your livestreams. Here's a step-by-step guide to using our tool to turn your livestreams into captivating clips. 

Step 1: Connect your live stream and social networks

Yuzzit supports various video stream types such as RTMP, HLS, SRT, and more. If your live event takes place on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, etc., simply retrieve the URL from the relevant platform and paste it into Yuzzit. In just a few seconds, your video stream will be accessible and recorded continuously, no matter how long your live show lasts. Easily connect your accounts on the platforms where you want to publish your video extracts with just a few clicks. 

Step 2: Select a live sequence that interests you

As soon as your video stream is received, you can view it live on Yuzzit. To capture a recently broadcast excerpt (or at any time during the live broadcast), position the start and end markers on the timeline. Adjust them precisely to the frame, then generate a video of your selection by clicking on Generate video.

Step 3: Personalize your video clip

Customize your video extract manually or by selecting a predefined template before publishing or uploading your clip. You can change the format (1:1, 4:5, 9:16, 16:9), add text, a logo, subtitles, as well as an introduction or conclusion.

Step 4: Publish your video

Once your video is ready, click on Share. Select the platforms on which you wish to publish it (or use a preset) and publish it immediately, or schedule its publication by indicating the desired time and date.

Discover Yuzzit's potential

Yuzzit is more than just a tool for creating video clips; it's a complete solution that opens up a world of possibilities for video content creators. With an intuitive interface, a full range of customization features, and integration with all the social networks of your choice, Yuzzit is designed to maximize your productivity and the impact of your content. Transform the way you produce and share videos with Yuzzit. 
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How do I create and edit an online video?

Frequently asked questions

Can I capture images of my live show?

Absolutely. With Yuzzit, capturing images of your livestream is as easy as creating video clips. And you can generate not only images and videos, but also gifs or audios of your livestream, whether in real time or after broadcast.

How can I convert a live stream into a video clip?

Converting a live stream into a video clip is easy with Yuzzit. Connect your live stream, select the footage you want to transform, customize it to your preferences, and publish it. Our platform makes this process fast and intuitive, allowing you to create professional video clips with ease.

Can I replay my live show?

Yes, Yuzzit offers the option of replaying your livestreams. This allows you to review your content, capture other important moments you may have missed, and create even more video clips from your livestreams. 

How long does it take to create a video clip from a live stream?

 With Yuzzit, the editing process is optimized for speed and efficiency, enabling you to create and publish a clip in just one to two minutes for a short video. The time required to create a video clip can vary, however, since it depends on a number of factors, including the length of the chosen sequence and the desired level of customization.