A description of the interface of yuzzit, showing the live cutting feature, combined with the publishing feature.

Live video clipping during your event

Cut and edit your live videos during your live event and boost your audience by publishing highlights of your event in real time.

Boost your live audience by publishing extracts as they happen

Live broadcasts are prepared and announced in advance by publishing teasers on social networks to invite as many people as possible to watch. You can continue to build up an additional audience during your live show by publishing highlights in the form of short videos on social networks. These videos can go very viral. Especially if you quote people "@" in the posts that accompany these videos, as well as hashtags related to your content.
You need to define a publication objective according to your audience, i.e. prioritize speed of publication, so that the extracts are in phase with the comments on your accounts. Or focus on quality and personalization in line with your graphic charter. Yuzzit, live video editing software, can meet both these objectives, offering different user paths, from the quickest and simplest to cut and publish in 1 minute, to the most complete to modify the format, add your logo, a pre-roll, a post-roll, subtitles...

Cut and edit your live shows in real time

It takes less than a minute for a user to cut a short video in Yuzzit and publish it on social networks. Each video can be automatically customized with templates and publishing presets. These highly viral videos feed your communities at key moments, enabling you to capture a new audience.

Connect your video streams

Wherever you are in the world, whether temporary or 24/7, you can connect all your event, radio or TV feeds to Yuzzit. Your stream is automatically recorded continuously over 7 rolling days by default, but this duration can be modified to suit your needs.
Video streams can be in 16:9, 9:16 or 1:1 format, in RTMP, HLS, SRT.
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Search for an extract from your live show

There are 3 ways to search for a sequence in a video stream. Live from the timeline, where between 45 minutes and 4 hours of live footage are displayed. Or in replay, by entering a time code or loading the replay with the program name (EPG) for TV or radio streams.


Easily summarize an event or program. A function allows you to select passages that you wish to delete, such as advertising pages or uninteresting moments, within the sequence you have selected. When the video is generated, these passages will be removed, leaving only the part that interests you.

Upload, share or publish your video

Once your video has been cut, it will be stored in the Yuzzit library. You can download it and share it easily with others via a URL, without any file transfer. You can also publish it directly on social networks.

Select your extract down to the last frame

On the timeline (live or replay), all you have to do is manually position the in and out terminals of the sequence you're interested in, then adjust them to the nearest frame by replaying only the first 2 or last 2 seconds. In the case of a radio stream, cutting is done to the nearest second.

Customize your video clip

Customize your video after trimming it to apply your graphic charter or adapt it to the social network on which you wish to publish it (cropping, adding text to the video, a logo, subtitles, pre-roll, post-roll...). All these customization elements can be saved in a template that can be reused on other videos. A video cut from a live feed can be declined in as many versions as you like (16:9, 1:1, 9:16 4/5,...) with different customisations.

Store your videos

Once your video has been cut, it will be stored in the Yuzzit library. You can download it and share it easily with others via a URL, without any file transfer. You can also publish it directly on social networks.

Reach every screen, capture every audience

Leave no platform behind and make your videos shine on every social network, to reach your audience in a personalized and effective way. With Yuzzit, you can publish your video in just a few clicks and in the right format on all platforms that offer an API: X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Linkedin, Tiktok...

Optimize your videos for all platforms

Maximize your impact by automatically adapting your videos to each social platform with Yuzzit. Choose your destination, and Yuzzit instantly adapts your video to the right format before publication.

By optimizing the format, resolution and specific characteristics of each network, you can reach your audience with precision and impact.

Share your videos on all social networks with a single click

Yuzzit lets you enter and save your sharing parameters, so you can later use an ultra-fast publishing mode designed for sharing content in real time during a live broadcast. The software's ergonomic design makes it possible to cut and publish your excerpts without taking your eyes off your live show!

Your sharing parameters, called "presets" in our software, enable you to set the format and customisations you wish to apply to your videos, along with the accounts you wish to publish them to, and save them for future use. Once you've done this, all that's left to do is launch your live video.

With Yuzzit, you can write your post while listening to and watching the live stream. You cut out the video sequence that interests you, and the video is automatically associated with the publication form. All you have to do is publish. Yuzzit takes care of applying your sharing parameters. Once the publication is launched, you can immediately move on to the next post.

Live video clipping for all your needs

Create trailers

Create, plan and publish your trailers or teasers with our video editor. You can import your own rushes or pre-edited videos and images. Yuzzit lets you customize and adapt them to the requirements of each social network and video platform.

Edit short videos

Discover the ultimate tool for bringing your ideas to life! Yuzzit makes it easy to create and edit powerful videos in the blink of an eye. Transform your video extracts into masterpieces thanks to our multiple editing functions, such as adding text, subtitles, merging videos, cropping your rushes...

Brand your video

Create skinning and publishing templates that will save you time when skinning new videos and respecting your graphic charter.

Trim your YouTube video

Yuzzit simplifies YouTube video trimming thanks to its intuitive interface: simply add your source YouTube video, then select the key segments and trim them. Finally, you can publish these new extracts on Youtube or any other platform of your choice.

Generate a replay of your live show

Schedule automatic replay generation as soon as your live event is over, indicating the start date and time and the duration of your event.

Yuzzit: the ideal partner for developing your content strategy

Yuzzit is the ideal solution for generating a maximum audience and interaction during your live broadcast, and continuing to fuel online discussions by publishing targeted excerpts after your live show.

Broadcasting companies

Using Yuzzit, you can cut, edit and share highlights from your programs in real time, enriching viewers' experience and boosting engagement. Capture more viewers, too, by offering compelling and relevant highlights, while staying on top of the news. And maintain your competitive edge by generating quality content in real time.

Sports organizations

Cut, edit and share live video during your sporting events with Yuzzit. Our software lets you capture the most intense and memorable moments of your competitions and share them in real time with your audience. Engage your spectators by offering them an immersive experience, attract new fans and raise the profile of your teams or events. 

Content creators

With Yuzzit, capture the most powerful moments of your recordings in real time and share them instantly with your audience. This feature enables you to boost your audience's engagement and interest by providing captivating highlights and an immersive experience. Using Yuzzit gives you the opportunity to increase your visibility, grow your audience and build loyalty. Create quality videos in record time and strengthen your influence in the digital world.

Media production company

Yuzzit is a powerful tool for cutting and editing live videos during production. This solution lets you quickly create highlights and broadcast them in real time, enriching your content and grabbing viewers' attention. With Yuzzit, maximize your media's audience by capturing the most impactful moments and sharing them instantly. This enables you to extend their reach, increase your users' engagement by quickly offering them quality content.

Marketing agencies

Yuzzit is powerful software for live video cutting and editing at your own or your customers' events. Thanks to this feature, you can capture the attention of your target audience by instantly publishing the best moments, boosting the impact of your campaigns and generating greater visibility for your customers. Gain efficiency and results for their events and promotional initiatives.

Public relations agencies

Yuzzit offers you an efficient way to cut and edit live video for your own or your customers' events and promotional activities. This platform lets you create and broadcast in real time the important moments that capture the attention of your target audiences. Increase your or your customers' visibility, attract media attention and boost audience engagement.

Make the most of every moment of your live show

Yuzzit is the ideal solution for generating a maximum audience and interaction during your live broadcast, and continuing to fuel online discussions by publishing targeted excerpts after your live show.
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How do I create and edit an online video?

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Frequently asked questions

Can I trim a video during a live broadcast?

Yuzzit lets you cut video excerpts from your live event without waiting for it to end. Edit your videos in real time and publish them to increase the audience for your event or program.

How do I trim a video from a live feed?

Yuzzit offers a video player that lets you follow your live events. At any time, you can access any moment already broadcast and select it in 2 clicks to generate a video. Once your live event is over, you can access the full replay to retrieve highlights or generate the entire event.

Can I add transitions or effects when cutting a live video?

Choose the mode that suits you best. Simplified mode for quick use, using pre-created video or customization templates. Expert mode, allowing you to modify, trim or customize every element of your video (text, motion design effect, adding music).

Is it possible to undo or revert changes made when trimming a live video?

Yuzzit lets you go back over the changes you've made to your video. Our software systematically saves your basic project as the "parent", and each variation you make will generate a "variant" (different format, with or without subtitles, with a different skin). You can return to your "parent" video at any time.

Can I cut a live radio stream?

Yuzzit allows you to cut out excerpts from both video and radio streams. From the radio stream, you can generate mp3 files or convert them to video for posting on social networks. The video version features the station's logo as a cover. 

How can I connect my video stream to Yuzzit?

In the case of an event, if you use a control room or broadcast platform (OBS, Vmix...), you simply enter our RTMP URL on the platform to send the video stream to Yuzzit. If you don't have a broadcast platform, you'll need to connect an H264 encoder on which you'll set our RTMP URL. For TV streams, we support RTMP, HLS and SRT protocols.

How can I share a live-cut video?

Yuzzit lets you enter and save your sharing parameters, so you can later use an ultra-fast publishing mode designed for sharing content in real time during a live event.

Can I continue cutting videos after my live show?

The feeds we receive are recorded as they happen, so once your live show is over, you can search for a sequence on the recording or generate a replay video.

How long is my live recording kept?

By default, we keep your live recording for 7 days. This retention period can be extended if necessary. If you wish to keep your replay for longer, you can generate your replay video in just a few clicks.