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Make the most of your video capture with Yuzzit

There are many platforms and software packages available today for broadcasting your video capture on social networks. But very few can both broadcast your live event and publish highlights at the same time, in the form of video extracts, to amplify your audience and capture a new audience for your live event. Yuzzit's restream function simply allows you to redirect your video stream to any destination offering RTMP input, i.e. almost any public or private social network.

How can you broadcast your event live with Yuzzit?

Step 1: Connect your video stream to Yuzzit

All video capture software offers RTMP output. Simply paste in the URL and the key supplied by Yuzzit, and you're ready to go. To retrieve the URL and key from Yuzzit, go to settings/admin/source. Once the connection has been established, you can start sending your feed to Yuzzit, with automatic reception and recording.

Step 2: Connect Yuzzit to your distribution platforms

All social networks offer to receive your video stream in RTMP. Simply copy the url and key provided by the platform and paste them into Yuzzit. Still in Yuzzit, select the restream function, create a new live, indicate which source you wish to use, paste the url and key of your destination and you're ready to go. You can now connect a new destination for your live stream.

Step 3: Start broadcasting your live stream

Your live broadcast to social networks can be instantaneous (as soon as you activate the connection with Yuzzit), or scheduled for a specific date and time. In either case, you'll need to manually activate the broadcast on each platform.

3 uses for a single video stream

Broadcast your live event, produce videos from your video feed and generate a replay of your event from a single tool. That's what Yuzzit offers you for staging your video recordings. Let Yuzzit be your guide. You don't need any special knowledge to use it.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I broadcast several video streams at the same time on social networks?

Yes, you can redirect several video streams to social networks simultaneously. The limit is with social networks, which only allow one live stream per account/channel.

How do I record my live show?

As soon as your live stream arrives on our servers, it is automatically recorded as it goes along. Once your live stream is finished, you can generate a replay video in mp4 format, either manually or automatically.

How do you broadcast a live stream and publish segments at the same time?

Yuzzit has the dual capability of redirecting the feed(s) you send to social networks, but also, from a dedicated web page, you can follow your live broadcast and cut out excerpts in real time, for instant download or publication on social networks. The combination of live and video amplifies your audience and prolongs your visibility. These short video clips illustrating the highlights of your live show are extremely viral, generating more views than a replay, which is often too long to watch.