About us

"Boost your video content production and publishing and reinvent the way you engage your audience" 

Our mission at Yuzzit is to offer you professional , intuitive software to optimize the production and distribution of your video and audio content.

Our history

Yuzzit came into being in 2015 when founder Frédéric Bruel, a technology innovation enthusiast, came up with a SaaS solution for cutting video excerpts from live streams.

The mission he set himself and the Yuzzit team: to simplify the lives of media professionals, sports event organizers, government ministries and political parties by offering a professional, intuitive tool for producing and distributing video content from their live events.
The software was quickly adopted in France and also conquered the international market.

In 2018, Yuzzit joined TF1's acceleration program and moved to Station F, the world's largest startup campus created by Xavier Niel.

Since then, the teams have constantly enhanced the software with new features to anticipate the needs created by the rise of the video format on the Internet, and to meet the requirements of their users.
This is how STUDIO came into being, to offer a complete solution for video production, and to meet the need of some of its users to edit so-called "cold" content (as opposed to live video streams, Yuzzit's historic specialty).

Behind this innovative and constantly evolving software is a team of passionate people. Each team member brings his or her own unique expertise, ranging from software engineering to product development, customer relations and technical support. Thanks to their passion, expertise and commitment, the Yuzzit team continues to evolve the project and push back the boundaries of online video creation and distribution.

Yuzzit in 2023

+ more than 750,000 videos produced
more than 10,000 lives
more than 250 tv/radio streams 24/7
more than 2,500 users