A description of the interface of yuzzit, showing the live cutting feature, combined with the publishing feature.

Broadcast your live streams on social networks

Combine live broadcasts with the publication of video clips on social networks

Distribute your live streams instantly to all your social networks and private content platforms

To expand your broadcasting possibilities, Yuzzit makes it easy to multi-stream and exploit your live events. Mix one or more video streams as input, and customize the output stream to be broadcast on the social networks or platforms of your choice.
And for additional options, you can combine Yuzzit with the Restream.io interface. You can then send Restream.io's output stream to Yuzzit to record your live streams and make the most of them.

Capture any video or radio stream

Capture the power of live broadcasts by retrieving any video or radio stream. Our platform lets you integrate and process streams from a variety of sources, whether live feeds, professional video signals, or radio transmissions. 
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Multi-stream live broadcasting

Yuzzit allows you to broadcast your video stream simultaneously on all your platforms - website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, TikTok - so you or your service provider don't have to manage multicasting with a battery of encoders.

Multistream your sporting events

Live multi-streaming of your sporting events with Yuzzit offers unprecedented visibility for your competitions, matches and tournaments. Thanks to our platform, you can reach a global audience by simultaneously broadcasting on different platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and more. This approach extends your reach and engages fans wherever they are, strengthening your sports brand's online presence.

Multi-stream broadcasting of your corporate events

For your corporate events, live multi-streaming via Yuzzit represents an invaluable opportunity to maximize the impact of your initiatives. Whether for conferences, webinars, product launches, strategy meetings or in-house training courses, the ability to broadcast simultaneously on a variety of platforms guarantees efficient, extensive distribution. You'll reach a wide audience while simplifying distribution management, strengthening your company's internal and external communications.

Multi-streaming of your news feeds

Multi-streaming your news feeds via Yuzzit offers exceptional flexibility for rapidly sharing crucial information. Whether you're a media company, government organization or corporation, this approach enables you to broadcast news in real time across multiple platforms, reaching a variety of audiences. This versatility in distribution ensures greater responsiveness and comprehensive coverage, reinforcing your influence and credibility in the news business.

Select and cut out important scenes

Yuzzit's real strength lies in exploiting your live streams. The software offers a powerful feature that lets you select and trim the most important scenes from your live multi-stream broadcasts. Thanks to our intuitive interface, you can pinpoint key moments in your sports, corporate or news feeds. With just one click, you can slice and dice these key sequences for targeted reuse.
Yuzzit gives you unrivalled flexibility to maximize the impact of your live broadcasts, whether for marketing, communication or archiving. Turn your live broadcasts into a stockpile of video extracts, ready to be shared and enhanced.

Record the replay of your live shows for later publication

The video streams we receive in Yuzzit are automatically recorded as they happen. This allows you to quickly generate a replay video at the end of your live broadcast and publish it online. To go even faster, you can program the automatic creation of this replay video. It will be available immediately after your live show.

Get started in multi-stream broadcasting with Yuzzit

Dive into the era of multi-stream broadcasting with Yuzzit and revolutionize the way you share your sports, corporate events and news feeds. Leverage every live stream and event by selecting and slicing key scenes to create maximum impact when shared. With Yuzzit, opt for efficiency, visibility and flexibility.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I retrieve my video stream?

At the output of your camera or control unit, you need to install an encoder that will convert the video signal and allow you to transmit it to Yuzzit via an Internet connection. All you need to do is enter the URL and key provided by Yuzzit on your encoder. Some video management software such as OBS or Vmix can act as an encoder and send the live stream directly to Yuzzit.

Can I schedule my live broadcast?

Yes, Yuzzit lets you schedule the start and end of your live stream to each broadcast platform. All you have to do is activate the broadcast to each platform.

How can I generate a replay of my live show?

Your live event is automatically recorded as it happens. Once your event is over, you can manually or automatically generate the replay (up to 8h of live) and publish it on platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion,...

What platforms can I broadcast my live stream on?

The RTMP output format allows you to broadcast your video stream from Yuzzit to any platform: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Linkedin,....