Creating a memorable video compilation

Easily create a "best of" of the best live footage or imported videos
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Assemble the best sequences from your live shows in a compilation

Creating a memorable video compilation is both a challenge and an incredible opportunity to bring your content to life. A video that brings together the best moments of a meeting, a TV program or a sporting event will enable your audience to relive them, or to discover the essentials of what they missed. This short format is an essential complement to replay, which is generally little viewed because it's too long. It's important to be able to produce it and put it online as quickly as possible before the audience moves on.
With Yuzzit, our online video editing software, this process becomes a seamless experience. It lets you easily capture the essence of your live events in a captivating way. Our platform supports you in selecting and assembling the most impactful sequences from your livestreams to create compilations that will leave a lasting impression on your audiences.

Edit your video compilations to suit you

Yuzzit focuses on personalization, allowing users to reflect their brand or style through their video compilations. Thanks to our video editing tools, you can adjust each sequence, integrate smooth transitions and incorporate graphic elements, making your compilations unique in terms of quality and originality.

Share your video compilations immediately on social networks

Once your video compilation is ready, share it with as many people as possible. Yuzzit makes it easy to publish your compilations on your favorite social networking platforms. Whether you want to engage your community, reach new audiences or simply share your highlights, our integrated sharing function lets you broadcast your compilations instantly and simultaneously, across your social networks and expand your audience.

Create video compilations for every occasion

TV show

Gather highlights from your TV shows to create compilations that captivate and entertain your audience, offering an engaging summary of the best moments. Whether it's a best-of compilation of the most hilarious moments from your comedy and sketch shows, the emotional twists and turns of your drama programs, or even a nostalgic retrospective of your shows' cult moments, create a compilation to suit each of your audiences.

Corporate event

Compilations of corporate events can serve as powerful communication tools. Create compilations that highlight the key messages you want to convey. These best-of videos will leave a lasting impression and reinforce your company's image.

Sports event

Create exceptional best-of videos with Yuzzit to showcase the highlights of your sporting competitions. Highlight the finest actions, the challenges faced by athletes, and the winning moments that marked the event. Use Yuzzit's features to create dynamic compilations, offering a unique perspective on how competitions unfolded.

How do I create a video compilation?

Creating a memorable video compilation is child's play with Yuzzit's Mashup feature. Follow these simple steps to turn your videos into a captivating compilation.

Step 1: Select your videos

Start by choosing the videos you want to include in your compilation. With Yuzzit, you can easily select clips cut from your livestreams or video extracts previously imported into your library

Step 2: Organize your video clips

Open the Mashup tab in Yuzzit's main menu and create a new project. After selecting your videos, arrange them in the order that best tells your story. Yuzzit offers an intuitive interface for dragging and dropping your clips into a timeline, allowing you to rearrange sequences quickly and easily. 

Step 3: Customize your compilation

Customize your compilation to give it a unique style. Add transition effects, readjust your sequences, add text or logos to make your compilation not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing. Yuzzit gives you the freedom to modify every aspect of your clips so that they perfectly match your vision.

Step 4: Generate your compilation and share it in one click

Once you've finished editing, generate your compilation so that it appears in your library. When you select your video, a window will open offering you various options, including instant sharing directly from Yuzzit. Whether on social networks or your in-house server, we offer a variety of integrations to simplify the sharing process, enabling you to reach your audience wherever they are.

Make your own video compilations in just 5 minutes

5 minutes is the time it takes for our customers to manually generate a mashup of their broadcast or video capture. For certain sports, such as soccer, a mashup can be generated automatically immediately after the end of the match, thanks to automatic clipping.
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How do you compile your online videos?

Frequently asked questions

Why create a video compilation?

Video compilations are a great way to capture the essence of an event, share key moments or tell a story concisely. These summaries are ideal for engaging your audience.

What is the ideal length for a video compilation?

The ideal length of a video compilation depends on its purpose and target audience. Each social network has its own codes. In general, short (under 2 minutes), dynamic compilations tend to hold viewers' attention better. Yuzzit gives you the flexibility to create compilations of different lengths to suit your specific needs.

Can I combine videos in different formats in a mashup?

Yes, Yuzzit lets you integrate videos of different formats into a single compilation. The tool automatically adjusts videos to ensure a uniform, professional presentation.

Can I change the length of a video in the mashup?

With Yuzzit, you can easily adjust the length of each clip in your compilation. Add what's captivating or remove what's unnecessary to create a montage that's both dynamic and relevant, keeping only the key moments.

Can I publish a mashup directly from Yuzzit?

Yes, once you've created your video compilation, Yuzzit makes it easy to publish it on a variety of platforms. Share your content simultaneously on different social networks or other distribution channels to effectively reach your audience.