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Adapt the format of your images and videos to each use or each platform
on which you are going to distribute them.

Easy cropping in just a few clicks

Producing videos for social networks has become a complex task, as they need to be adapted to the specificities of each platform (landscape, square, portrait, real, story, text, mentions, emoji...) to optimize their presentation and performance. So you need to be able to use the same video to create different versions for different platforms.
The Yuzzit video editor allows you to quickly create different versions of an imported video, or one extracted from a live stream, to suit the particularities of each social network.

Crop your video to fit with all social networks

Each platform has its own preferred format (16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 4:5). With one click, select the desired format, retain 100% of your content or apply a zoom. In 2 clicks, you create a variant of your video in the desired format. 
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Other functions

Keep to the essentials or dress up your video

Whether your video is initially in landscape, square or vertical format, you can convert it to another format and center on the essential part of the video to optimize understanding of your message. So from a single video, you can highlight multiple elements and differentiate your messages, or expose them from specific angles depending on the social network on which you wish to publish it. For example, mark the differences between an Instagram and YouTube version in just a few clicks.

Preview results immediately

Whatever function you use in Yuzzit, there's always a "preview" button so you can immediately see the result and quickly modify it before generating your final video. With Yuzzit, you're guaranteed to get to the point with a minimum of clicks.

Create templates for your formats

 If you want to reuse the personalization parameters of a video you've already created, you can turn them into a template that you can apply manually to a new video, with the option of making modifications. If you want to publish your video on different platforms and apply a different template for each destination, it couldn't be easier. Create a publication template in which you apply a skinning template for each destination. When you publish, your video will be customized automatically by destination.

How to crop your videos?

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Frequently asked questions

How do I crop a video?

With Yuzzit, select your video and apply a prerecorded format (16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 4:5), adjust the area to be preserved, preview the result and generate. The operation takes just 3 clicks and a few seconds.

Which video formats does your software support for cropping?

Our Yuzzit video editor lets you crop your videos to all the formats required for social networks: 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, 4:5

How can cropping a video improve the performance of my content on social media?

Video cropping with optimized formats on each social media channel increases visual appeal and engagement by adapting content to platform recommendation and user-preferred presentation, maximizing visibility and interaction.

Can I crop an image?

Just as with video, Yuzzit lets you modify the format of an imported image or one taken from a live feed.

Can I create cropping templates?

Yes, after each customized video, Yuzzit lets you turn it into a reusable template. Crop is one of the customization parameters.

Does your video editor offer additional functions for editing cropped videos?

Yuzzit is a video-editing software that offers you a wide range of video-editing functions. Once your video has been cropped, you can add text, subtitles, your logo, etc. You can even publish your videos live on all social networking platforms.