Record a live stream and turn it into videos

Give a second life to your live streams: record, relive and share your key moments with Yuzzit and engage your audiences.
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Record your live stream

Do you have a live event to share with your audience? Find out how to record your live stream in just a few simple steps, so you can keep it for future use. With Yuzzit, our live video editing software, the process becomes as seamless as clicking a button. Choose your stream, select the parameters, and record your event in an instant.

Broadcast a temporary live stream or 24/7 channel

Yuzzit lets you broadcast temporarily or stream 24/7 to any platform. With the scheduling function, you can predefine the date and time your stream is sent to each broadcast platform, as well as the end time.

Turn your live stream into a video

Turn your live stream into a lasting, memorable experience. After the live broadcast, it would be a shame for your content to disappear into oblivion.
With Yuzzit, give your live stream a second life in two complementary ways. First, give your audience the chance to relive the event by offering a full replay. This allows those who missed the initial live stream to catch up at any time. Then, maximize the impact of your content by breaking the live stream into numerous videos highlighting the most important moments andsharing them on your social networks.
Create diverse, engaging content that continues to generate interest long after the live broadcast. With Yuzzit, every live stream becomes an endless source of inspiration and sharing.
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Turn your TikTok live stream into short videos

Want to extend your reach on this social network? Turn your TikTok live stream into short, punchy videos. With Yuzzit, adapting to the TikTok aesthetic is simplified thanks to multiple customization options: dynamic cropping, adding a logo, pre-roll or post-roll, or automatic subtitles. Turn your most memorable moments into short, engaging videos to reach a wider audience.

Turn your Youtube live stream into short videos

Optimize your presence on YouTube by transforming your live streams into numerous videos specifically adapted to the platform. Select the most memorable sequences from your live stream, adjust the image and audio, add text for a personalized visual experience that adapts to your audience, and publish your new videos on Youtube. And for even more efficient organization, Yuzzit makes it easy to collaboratively edit your videos. Your Youtube live stream allows you to feed your channel with a wealth of relevant content.
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Edit your live streams collaboratively

Edit your live streams, customize and share your videos collaboratively with Yuzzit. Our secure online solution gives you total flexibility.

Select the most memorable sequences

Memorize the highlights of your live show with the bookmark function. The bookmark function lets you place markers on the live or replay timeline, in just 1 click, so you can easily find your highlights and cut them out whenever you like. These markers can be of different colors to symbolize different subjects.

Once you've finished your live stream, you can select several bookmarks to generate a video - a best of, for example - and publish it quickly.

Edit image and audio

Refine the aesthetics of your short videos with ease. With Yuzzit, customize the image and audio of your videos in just a few clicks by adding a video skin with a logo, pre-roll, post-roll or any other element of your graphic charter.

Add text

Use Yuzzit to add annotations, captions or subtitles to your video. Whether to reinforce your key messages or facilitate comprehension, adding personalized text offers an extra dimension to your video content.

Store your live streams in a shared library

Never lose the history of your live streams, or precious footage you've cut out. Store all your live streams in a shared library with Yuzzit. Make it easy for your team to access them, and ensure that your extensive content remains on hand for future use.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I record a live stream from a mobile device?

Yuzzit offers you the possibility of recording a live stream from a smartphone. However, this operation requires special handling, and our teams will be happy to guide you through the process.

How much storage space do I need to record live streams?

Yuzzit's "library" feature gives you unlimited storage for all your content. However, if you want to download the recording to your computer, you'll need 3G for 1 hour of video.

Can I edit a live stream recording afterwards?

Yes, with Yuzzit, post-live editing is simple and effective. Edit your replays to suit your needs, adding subtitles, a logo,..., and all the corrections you need even after the initial broadcast.

Why turn a live stream into a video?

Turn a live stream into a video to guarantee its longevity and maximize its impact. You can offer a full replay to enable a wider audience to enjoy the event, or break your live stream into short, attractive videos to maintain interest beyond the initial broadcast.

Which live video formats are supported?

Yuzzit supports live video formats with RTMP, HLS and SRT protocols.