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Easily create and edit your videos

Simplified mode for fast operation

This single timeline mode is particularly suited to occasional users or those who simply want to create a video from a template, on which they don't wish to make any modifications apart from applying it to their video and changing the text.
Its ease of use and speed of creation mean that anyone can produce their own content with complete autonomy.

Expert mode for advanced users

With a single click, you can switch from simplified to extended mode by ungrouping the timeline. This lets you interact with every element of your montage or template (video, image, text, animation, logo, etc.) and every available setting: start/end, duration, speed, color, transition, format, etc.

Customize your videos with advanced effects

Simple yet powerful. Yuzzit is a new generation of professional editing software, accessible to all and offering advanced customization effects on text, video or by adding animations available in the library or imported from After Effects.

Edit your videos collaboratively

Multiple office-based or telecommuting users can connect to your Yuzzit account simultaneously, facilitating content production with a single workflow and a single tool. Once you've finished editing your video, have it validated by your colleague, who can then forward it to the person responsible for publishing it.
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Share and upload your videos easily

Yuzzit lets you manage everything from creation to publication. Once your video is finished, you can download it, send it by e-mail or instant messaging as a URL, eliminating the need to transfer videos. Or publish it directly on one or more social networks with personalized messages.

Adapt your videos to social networking formats

The final format of your video montage can be defined according to the platform on which you wish to publish it: square, vertical, landscape, rectangular, whatever the format of the videos or images you use to compose it. Once finished, you can easily adapt it to other formats. This formatting can be carried out automatically during publication, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Publish your videos on multiple platforms with a single click

A video can be published simultaneously on several social networks, in a single format, or automatically in a format specific to each platform by applying templates. 

Plan your publications

Each publication of a video or image on a social network can be made instantly or scheduled for a specific date and time, as in the case of trailers for a TV program or an event that you create in advance. If you publish a video on several social networks, you can set a single date and time for all platforms, or a specific date and time for each destination.

Edit your videos with professional features

A video-editing tool for everyone

Yuzzit is a powerful and versatile tool designed to meet the needs of all users, whether video editing novices or experts. With its intuitive, collaborative interface, Yuzzit makes it easy and efficient for anyone to create and edit videos. Whether you simply want to cut and assemble clips or create more advanced edits, Yuzzit offers you all the features you need to bring your creative ideas to life.

A library to store all your media

Securely accessible online, Yuzzit lets you access all your content - live, video, podcasts, images and gifs - at any time. Instantly find the media you're looking for, thanks to a wide range of search and sort functions. You'll see a description of where it came from, if it was published, when and by whom.

Boost your content strategy: try our video editor now

With no obligation, discover what Yuzzit can do for your internal or external communications, based on your own content. We'll provide you with support to help you exploit its full potential.

Frequently asked questions

What are the unique advantages of our online video editor?

Yuzzit lets you create videos from any live source, video rush or external library. You can import After Effects templates. Advanced functions such as cropping and automatic subtitling are usually only available in complex software. 2 user modes. Standard, for quick video editing from templates, with a single, simplified timeline. And an expert mode, with a timeline for each object in your edit for greater customization.

Can I use Yuzzit for both my professional and personal needs?

Yuzzit is first and foremost a professional online tool to simplify and intensify content production for social media. It covers every need: video editing, trailers, live cutting (news, sports, entertainment, program summaries, events), replay...

Is my video content protected with the Yuzzit video editor ?

Access to Yuzzit is via an individual login and password, managed by the Auth0 security platform. A double authentication system can be activated at any time. All content in the library is accessible only to users for whom you have created an access login. A user with an administrator profile can create, modify or deactivate an access login.

What kind of customer support will I receive for video editing on Yuzzit ?

The Yuzzit team will help you get started, train users and provide operational and technical support 7/7. During the onboarding phase, a support plan is set up according to the objectives to be reached. Everything is done to ensure that you get the most out of Yuzzit in the best possible conditions.