A description of the interface of yuzzit, showing the live cutting feature, combined with the publishing feature.

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Store all your video content on a single platform

The Yuzzit library, although a classic feature, remains the cornerstone of our platform, making it much easier to use our video editing software smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis. Its first use is simple but crucial: it lets you centralize all your video content in one place. No more scattered files on different devices or storage platforms. With our library, you can store, organize and access all your video content in one secure location, simplifying the management of your material and saving you precious time to create and share your videos more productively.

Easily find any video

Yuzzit's library makes finding any video child's play. Our organized folder system lets you categorize your videos in a logical, personalized way. Create folders to organize your content the way you want it. What's more, our platform offers several advanced search options, such as search by date, search by source, search by format or user, and many more. Use these filters to refine your results. Thanks to this combination of search and organization features, you can quickly locate the video you're looking for, no matter how many videos are hosted in your library, saving you valuable time in your daily workflow.
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Centralize the management of your video editing projects

With Yuzzit, you can completely centralize the management of your video editing projects. From video creation to editing, publishing on social networks, and even storing for later use, everything can be managed in one place thanks to our platform. This comprehensive approach simplifies the end-to-end workflow, enabling your collaborators to manage every aspect of their video projects in an efficient and integrated way.

Edit your videos collaboratively

Yuzzit's collaborative editing feature lets you work efficiently with multiple users, whether in the office or telecommuting, by simultaneously connecting their accounts to the platform. This approach simplifies the content creation process, allowing your entire team to collaborate with the same workflow and tools. Once your video editing is complete, share it via the generated url with your collaborators for validation before final publication, ensuring rapid approval and smooth video content management.
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Secure storage

The security of videos stored on Yuzzit is a top priority, and our platform takes rigorous measures to protect the integrity of your content. Access to Yuzzit is via two-factor authentication managed by Auth0, which considerably strengthens connection security. What's more, only users for whom you have created an access login can access the library, guaranteeing total control over who can view your videos. Administrators can manage these logins, creating, modifying or deactivating access as required, adding a layer of flexibility and security to the management of your video content. With these security measures in place, you can have complete confidence in the confidentiality and protection of your videos on Yuzzit.

Share your videos in just a few clicks

With Yuzzit, sharing your videos becomes an extremely simple process requiring just a few clicks. Each video in our library is associated with a url link, enabling you to share your creations instantly with colleagues, a manager or other stakeholders. No need for heavy files or complicated transfers. Simply copy the link and send it to whomever you like. This practical feature facilitates collaboration and communication within your team. With Yuzzit, sharing video content has never been easier or more efficient.

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With Yuzzit, benefit from a secure online space to centralize, collaborate and share your video creations in total confidence.
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