L'Equipe: reinventing video production with Yuzzit to establish itself in the news

Mickaël Busson, in charge of video, audio, social networks and OTT at L'Équipe, talks about the rise of video in the media and sports sector, its importance in acquiring an audience, and the Yuzzit software that helps them boost their video production.


What challenges does video address for L'Équipe?

Mickaël Busson: "For L'Équipe, video is a major industrial challenge. In a traditional media industry based essentially on the written word, we have gradually witnessed a transformation in communication formats, with the explosion of video formats. This evolution is essential to capture new audiences. 

Indeed, like all traditional media, we can observe an audience that grows with us over the years. The challenge is to capture new, younger audiences. As we know, these audiences are largely driven by video consumption, whatever the format: long-form (documentaries, replay) or short-form (highlights, best-of). 

It's a point on which we need to get organized, industrialize, set up tools, like Yuzzit, to be able to produce ever better, ever faster." 

"Our goal is to stay in the news by quickly producing quality videos."

What's more, over the last ten years or so, we've gone beyond being a media company to become a rights-holding digital platform, broadcasting numerous competitions and events live. The best way to get the word out, to share them with our entire audience, and to go beyond live transmission, is through video. 

"Video has become the optimal way to communicate with our audience."

How do you measure the impact of this video format? 

"We can measure the impact of videos across social media, where all our reach and coverage statistics increase thanks to video. We've identified that by offering information in a video format, we're getting wider coverage and younger targets."

This aligns with the verticalization of the video format on platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, which attract a younger audience than our digital platform.

What do you check in particular to make sure a video is a success?

"Retention rate is, for us, essential in measuring a video's performance, as it determines how successful we are in maintaining viewer interest. It is above all through this indicator that we will gauge our performance and our ability to produce quality videos. After all, a video has to captivate viewers from start to finish. What's more, we know that social media platforms favor videos with a good retention rate, amplifying their distribution."

What video trends do you recommend?

"We firmly believe in the vertical format, which is experiencing strong demand on platforms such as Instagram Real, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube Shorts. Consumption of this format continues to grow, and time spent on these platforms is exploding. Without being a very long-term projection, it's an unavoidable trend.

Secondly, we also believe that the ability to quickly summarize live events is essential to meet the needs of our audience.

Today, live broadcasting is no longer sufficient as the sole consumer product. We need to be able to offer content that complements live broadcasts. Video summaries are the fastest way to do this."

"It's essential to be able to offer summaries that are ever faster, ever more complete, and ever better distributed."

Yuzzit: a complete solution to meet their needs

"We started using Yuzzit about 3 years ago. We already had a similar tool, but Yuzzit stood out for its competitiveness and intuitive interface, making it easier to manage for our nearly fifty internal users."

Easy to handle 

"We've always been convinced of Yuzzit's ease of use. We have many users who take turns and don't use the tool on a daily basis, so it's essential that it's easy to access so they can manage their content without difficulty. And we don't observe any blockages regarding the use of Yuzzit."

Multiple benefits with Yuzzit

"The first benefit is the speed of production. We can create and share video clips quickly, which is essential for our business. Yuzzit allows us to handle press conferences and live events, as well as enhance our video offering.
What's more, the library part of Yuzzit allows us to easily find previously created content."

A multi-purpose solution 

"We're looking forward to quickly creating video formats with editable templates and animations, as well as mixing live-clipping with traditional editing tools and motion design integrations, which we'll be able to achieve with Yuzzit's Studio."

"What sets Yuzzit apart: it's the speed of production thanks to the efficiency of its live-clipping functionality."

More than a tool, a present and reactive team

"We're delighted with the support we get from the Yuzzit teams. We have a very fluid relationship and it's very much appreciated. Especially with Laurent, Jean-Noël and Christophe, with whom we talk regularly."

Our exchange with Mickael Busson from L'Équipe clearly illustrates the importance of video in the media sector, and the added value of Yuzzit in simplifying their video workflow while guaranteeing speed and efficiency. If you're looking to improve your video management, find out how Yuzzit can help you today.


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